darksong (darksong) wrote in puffinstars,

I went to see Mary Timony's new band, Pow Wow, tonight at the Black Cat. It was really great, as one would expect. The sound seems to be somewhere between her first two solo albums (Mountains and The Golden Dove) and her last two (Ex Hex and The Shapes We Make). It had equal parts melancholy dreaminess and crazy rock. I loved it.

I've been listening to a lot of late '60s rock/folk/psychedelic lately, and I think Pow Wow has a lot of that feel to them.

Mary is always going to dominated any band she's in because that's just how she is, but I was impressed at how Pow Wow was an actual band. It didn't feel like Mary Timony with some other musicians -- it felt like a cohesive unit. I'm really excited for whatever album they put out. I think it's going to be wonderful.

I've probably seen Mary just under a dozen times now, and tonight she was probably the best I've ever seen her. She was having a lot of fun and the audience was too. I know Pow Wow is going to be awesome.
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